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To The Environment

Environment Policy and Management


Environment Tube Disposal: AET has been the only electrical company in Canberra who has recycled 100% of their CFL’s since 2001. We have now chosen to increase our commitment to the environment and become the only electrical company within Canberra who can provide a point of use recycling system within Canberra. AET is the first company in Canberra which has purchased a Globe and Fluorescent crusher, that under vacuum conditions crushes the materials, sorts them and places the finished pieces into sealed containers.

By providing this system within our own depot we prevent the potential for transport breakage, and therefore escapee mercury vapour emissions are virtually eliminated. After crushing and packaging the tubes AET ships the sealed containers to the Advanced Recycling Australasia (“ARA”) separation plant and the individual components are sorted, the mercury is distilled and then the parts ready to find their way into their respective recycling fields.

We are proud to be using leading technologies and our commitment to the electrical industry and the environment with the use of this system. Fluorescent tubes can be diverted from landfill by working with us. We can provide certification that your disposal of tubes has met Australian EMC and Environmental Protection Act 1997, we can provide this at a fraction of the cost of shipping your tubes interstate. Our services can also include recycling of the tube’s cardboard packaging to ensure our mission of 100% recycling is reached.