7-11 Barry Drive - Electrical Fit-out

7-11 Barry Drive - Electrical Fit-out

The Electrical Fit-out at Barry drive was originally a complex installation which pushed the clients budget estimates skywards. Complex and multiple switchboards, revolving doors and fixed tenancy walls were all included in the original tender package which in that form would leave the end client with an in-flexible design.

AET worked with electrical engineers and the head contractor, Rork Projects, to not only reduce the fit-out price but also provide options that would take the building from being an in-flexible space to a space that would be flexible to the tenants that go on to occupy it.

AET's Electrical installation consisted of the following elements that all had hurdles that we managed to overcome and that assured AET walked out of the building ahead of the construction programme.

•Demolition of all existing services.
•Installation of new Main switchboard with the capacity for up to 8 tenants in the building in various configurations including CT metering and Direct Wire metering
•Installation of new fire rated consumer mains (Parallel 185mm2 Fire rated cables) to the main switchboard including fire rated tray and cable systems inclusive of certification.
•Isolation and connection of new fire rated Submains into existing ACTEWAGL substation.
•Connection of existing lift supply to the new MSB with fire rated supply
•Installation of new house services distribution boards including mains cables to meet section J of the Building Code
•Installation of new cable tray services to both levels including fire rated tray with certification to the consumer mains
•Installation of house lighting and power services to level 1, ground and basement
•Installation of new C-Bus Lighting system to control the house lighting services.
•Certification and testing of all installed services included fire certificates for fire rated services.

The Back to Base fit-out started with a complete demolition of existing services including data, security, electrical and CCTV. AET moved quickly getting all circuits out of the SWB locations to the floor and installation of cable tray on both levels as the builders were right behind us putting up walls and ceiling grid.

Our attention then turned to installing lighting to the floor layout. Once complete AET managed to install the large main switchboard at over 4m in length with ease into the main switchboard cupboard.

The consumer mains installation consisted of parallel 185mm2 fire rated cables which in turn had to be supported by a fire rated cable tray system that was compliant with the WS fire rated standard. ACTEWAGL was engaged early on in the project to isolate the existing ACTEWAGL substation and subsequent mineral insulated mains cables that had to be removed from the existing installation. The ACTEW isolation and associated works that had to occur outside of normal working hours to minimise impact of then clients for the connection of the fire rated mains to the indoor substation chamber at the building.

With the only item left testing and certification of the premises by ACTPLA and final energisation of the installation by ACTEWAGL, AET finished the project on time with no defects or faults and in line with construction timelines.