ANU Smart Parking

ANU Smart Parking

Have you ever wondered how the LED displays at the entry to your local car park know the exact number of parking spaces available?

Affinity Electrical Technologies (AET) recently completed the installation of such signs within the Australian National University, after providing a successful tender to UK based company Smart Parking's New Zealand branch.

AETs scope was to install and commission the supplied signs and components to complete the installation. Two mains powered signs at the Baldessin parking station, one mains powered sign at the Kinglsey Parking Station, one mains powered sign and two solar signs at the Dickson parking station. This included GPOs at each of the mains powered signs and isolation switches on all signs for a reset if required.

Wireless humps are installed at every entry and exit point to the above specified car parks. These humps count every car upon entry and exit, sending a signal to a 240V master controller wired to a local power supply situated on a ceiling space close to each of the humps.

Smart Counter System Installed at the Entry and Exit

This master controller sends the information to the large LED display units installed over the entry lanes.

Capacity Information Displayed

AET were also required to install solar panels where the LED display panels needed to be installed on main roads (Dickson Parking area) to make drivers aware of parking spaces available before reaching the car park and discovering zero parking spaces. The solar panels had remote master controls placed on the newly installed pole which would boost the wireless signal and keep the display signs updated on each entry and exit.

Once the system is calibrated, using an everyday phone SIM card installed in the remote master controls, all the information is sent to the Smart Parking technical team based in New Zealand where the installation is closely monitored.

With close monitoring, if any issues arise AET will be dispatched to repair the fault with a detailed description provided from the close monitoring provided in New Zealand.

Affinity Electrical Technologies are proud to have been a part of this installation, gaining hands on experience and learning the workings of this hi tech product that will certainly be seen throughout car parks all over the country.