Black Mountain Water Pump Station

Black Mountain Water Pump Station

In December 2013 Affinity Electrical Technologies (AET) CEGS department, was awarded the electrical component of supplying the ANU Paleomagnetic Laboratories with a high pressured water supply which is located midway up Black Mountain.

For the first time the finished product of the job would see clean water pumped into the site removing the need for delivery by water trucks. The new pump station would also be ready for use against fire should there ever be a break out on the mountain.

The job specification comprises of tapping the existing main water supply, which is found at the base of the mountain, and pumping the water 600 meters underground to the new water tank which is situated in the grounds of the Paleomagnetic Laboratories.

AET needed to work closely with ACTEW AGL at the beginning of the contract to ensure the new power supply to the lower level pump station would be connected in time for commissioning. AET installed underground conduits from the existing supply pole to the new build pump station terminating the cable run to an ACTEW approved point of entry cubical. After the incoming supply was installed the electrical design within the new pump station could be installed to the design specification required.

Higher up the Mountain was where we needed to work closely with the main contactors in getting the electrical supply cable to the new station which would house the new pump to disperse the water to the required locations. The electrical specification was followed closely and all trades worked together to get the positioning correct.

An additional problem occurred when the need for large heavy plant and machinery was called for. At the Laboratory all of the existing services where positioned over head on suspended wires. These wires would obstruct the machinery and all other future vehicles so the decision was made to redirect the overhead supplies underground eliminating the problem once and for all. AET set about installing the new underground conduits and installing the new cabling ready for a scheduled shut down of the laboratories main switch board. A great deal of planning was needed to isolate the supply due to the sensitive research equipment. AET worked closely with the research staff and the power change overs were a success.

This job used all of Affinity Electrical Technologies skills and experience from high level planning, underground services, exposed electrical installations and client liaison allowing a quality finish and a successfully delivered project.