This project was for the Supply and installation of new energy efficient lighting services within the ACT Government Chisholm Primary School. The desured outcome was to confirm possible savings in reducing power consumption and maintenance costs. This project is to be used by the ACT Government as a trial project to confirm possible savings should they decide to upgrade future schools with LED services.

Affinity Electrical Technologies (AET) was selected by ACT Economic Development Directorate (EDD) after a tender process in May 2013. What we were able to highlight throughout the tender process was that we had worked on LED options for various clients in the ACT, including the Australian National University, and could provide this opportunity to the ACT EDD for a price that compelled them to trial this technology at Caroline Chisolm Primary School.

This trial involved the replacement of over 600 normal T8 fluorescent tubes with either high efficient LED tubes or T5 adaptor kits.  AET was asked to tender on both options at tender time, with the LED selected to be OptiLED 22watt LED HX Lamp.  The LED lamp was the more expensive option, however was selected by the ACT Government EDD as the winning bid, allowing a true evaluation of the potential savings to be undertaken.

AET were able to secure a buying price for the OptiLED lamp that is usually only available on larger orders. This was the catalyst for the ACT EDD to choose this type of lamp technology over the pre-trialled T5 adaptor which ACT Education had previously used. It was also the preferred technology of the departments preferred electrical engineer.

AET understand that many different types of technology are on the market and in this case OptiLED T8 LED replacements were used and we highlight the benefit of this product, at this buy price, in this situation. 

Existing 36 watt 840 fluorescent lamps were replaced with OptiLED HX 4Ft (1200mm) 22W LEDs.

Upgrading of the existing lighting services from T8 lamps with the Optiled LED option confirmed the following results and findings:

  •  Original current usage from all lighting circuits that were upgraded to LED services went from 120 amps to 51 amps. A reduction of approximately 70 amps (57 %).
  • Total building power usage
  • Building Power factor correction improved. This being due to the removal of the original iron core ballasts that were used for the operation of the T8 lamps
  • Heat generated from the T8 lamps was greatly reduced with the LED option. This reduction in heat generation may also assist in reducing power consumption with school mechanical and air conditioning services.
  • A reduction in ongoing maintenance costs, with the LED lamp having an expected life expectancy of double that of the T8 lamp. It should also be noted that there should be a reduction in lighting failure‚Äôs with the LED lamp not requiring a control ballast or starter. 
  • Lighting levels within all class rooms and admin areas were greatly increased with the LED lamp. 

Based on the replacement of 600 T8 tubes with LED tubes, the cost analysis AET has done confirms the investment by ACT Government will would be recovered within a period of two years.

Based on present energy costs, daily lighting usages and the reduction in energy consumed with the new LED lamps would indicate an expected average cost saving of approximately sixteen ($16K) thousand dollars per annum. For a small school sample of 600lamps this could be considered a significant saving. 

Affinity Electrical Technologies was a proud participant in this project for the ACT Economic Development Directorate at Caroline Chisolm Primary School.