DHCS Multicultural Festival ACT 2014

DHCS Multicultural Festival ACT 2014

2014 saw Affinity Electrical Technologies (AET) complete its FIFTH National Multicultural Festival power setup. For the second year this included the Fringe Festival which increased in size and was moved to Civic Square and ran from Thursday night till late Sunday evening.

For the first time this year’s festival saw AET as the contractor solely in charge of all Electrical supply and distribution works which included the supply of generators, distribution boards major cabling, sub circuit cabling and lighting throughout the entire footprint saw the festival expand to the car park at corner of Northbourne Av and London Cct.

The 2014 Multicultural festival saw a record number of people attend and participate in the three-day event with close to 300,000 people over the three days. Although stall numbers were slightly reduced from last year’ festival the footprint remained the same with record numbers of community stalls serving up a variety of local and international foods, beverages and information. Over such a large festival footprint, the logistics of powering up the stalls was a challenge that AET enjoyed and accomplished with minimal issue.

It was a necessary requirement that AET continually liaise with festival organizers, stall holders, ACT WorkCover, ACTPLA and other subcontractor’s delegates during the setup. This enabled us to provide electrical services to the stalls, stages and emergency services breakout areas in a manner that was safe and secure ensuring the safety of the general public was always paramount.

The electrical setup for the festival was reduced to 4 ½ business days this year and with 436 stalls, 7 stages and performing platforms to setup in a very short time frame. 

We are proud to this support this great event within Canberra and look forward to continuing our association with the event in the years to come.