The Fellow Oval Lighting  project was for the supply and installation of 4 new 22m Oval lighting columns including 3 oval floodlights to each pole and all associated cabling and conduiting to the four new columns, a new switchboard for control of the lighting including hook-up to the existing BMS network and commissioning of the newly installed poles and switchboard.

Affinity Electrical Technologies (AET) was selected by ANU Facilities and Services after initially being involved in putting budgets together for the project 12 months previous. Throughout the tender there were several options including LadSAFE ladder systems for the poles, Optus Mobile network additions to the poles and the addition of LED security lighting inclusive of electrical interlocks for the oval.

The final package was the installation of 4x22m black powder coated Ingal poles with 3 Phillips Optivision light fittings on each pole. The inclusion of 4x230W International Lighting LED floodlights to two of the four poles and a new switchboard for the control of the lighting.

AET were faced with several obstacles throughout the project from the outset including the impending winter weather, Management and maintenance of subcontractors paying special attention to the condition of the oval surface, access issues for machinery and the high pedestrian traffic through the construction area.

AET understood the requirements of all the above and managed this to perfection with no damage to the playing surface, and little disturbance around the new pole footings. Methods including running machinery over timber boards to reduce AET’s footprint to excavating holes by means of hydro excavation meant that the oval looks as it did the day before AET stepped on site.

With the delivery of pole occurring mid-week AET managed to arrange the shutdown of the Fellows oval car park with approval of ANU, reschedule other major projects and crane operators and riggers within 3 days to lift the pole into position the day of arrival.

With the only major component left being the switchboard installation that had to overcome some small design issues of its own. The switchboard needed to be re- designed/approved before manufacture could commence. AET were still able to deliver the switchboard to site and have the installation tested and energised prior to the contractual PC date set at the beginning of the project.

Affinity Electrical Technologies was a proud partner in this project for ANU Facilities and services.