Garema Court Backyard Experiment

Garema Court Backyard Experiment

Affinity was recently invited by AILA (The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects) to assist in the design and installation of specialized LED lighting services throughout Garema Court on a project called the Backyard experiment.

The idea behind the Backyard experiment project was to set up three different scenarios throughout Garema court by the installation of different types of street furniture and lighting services.

With all street furniture and lighting services installed, cameras were installed to watch and understand how people used the different scenarios over a ten day period.

With the assistance of the ACT Government, the Lighting Society, Integral Lighting and we-ef, we installed multiple LED luminaries throughout each of the different scenarios. These luminaries consisted of a variety of different types and colours and beam angles.

What makes this project a little bit more different than other typical projects, was that the luminaires had to be installed on existing light poles and within trees themselves.

To ensure no trees were damaged during the Backyard experiment all luminaires within the trees and all associated cabling had to be attached by straps and flexible ties.

As you can see from the photos taken the end result looks great.

With the Backyard experiment now being observed over a ten day period, we are looking quite forward to getting the results of the experiment back.

This experiment may change what services are installed in public domains to bring out the best in our city and its people.

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