During the prolonged dry period of 2002/2003 the Yass Council took steps to evaluate short and medium term options to improve the water supply that the small town of Yass depends on. Affinity Electrical Technologies (AET) was awarded the project after our tender came in below the budgeted price allowed by the head contractor Geotech.

The new works was to increase the height of the existing 12M dam by 3M to nearly triple the storage capacity of the dam. The electrical portion of the works included:

  • Installation of a new Stainless-steel switchboard located at the entrance to the dam walkway.
  • Modifications to the existing Raw Water Pumping Station (RWPS) main switchboard including new main switch protection, termination on to RWPS Switchboard busbar and main switch insert.
  •  Installation of perforated cable tray along walls of the existing RWPS
  • Termination of 50mm2 5 core cable to new 3 phase main switch controlling the new dam switchboard supply at the RWPS
  • 3-phase power supplied to the new dam switchboard from RWPS main switchboard
  • 3-phase power supplied to each of the five actuators located at the dam outlet structure from the new dam switchboard
  • 3-phase power supplied to the de-stratification system switchboard from the new dam switchboard
  • The dam switchboard supplies power to light poles located at the dam outlet structure and bridge abutment and GPO at the dam outlet structure
  • Installation and termination of dam actuators, dam level dam temperature and dissolved oxygen sensors for signal transmission and telemetry via SCADA systems
  • An 8-C+E control cable runs between the new dam switchboard and each of the actuators
  • Valve status (fully opened, fully closed and fault) is indicated by lamps at the new dam switchboard

During these works AET had to engage a 3rd party for the SCADA systems that the dam required. AET put these works out for tender and found that Radtel, a Sydney based leader in Automation Engineering, had the necessary skills to be able to complete the works.

Work was completed on site to the head contractor’s satisfaction with AET overcoming some hurdles, one of which was the cable haul.  AET took the step of adding more man power than was quoted and engaging the use of a cable to winch to ensure the work was completed with zero disruption to any other site works.

At the completion of the project AET was responsible for the commissioning of the entire project, with a soft test during the switchboard manufacture process, an onsite test and finally a witnessed commission with representatives present from NSW Water, NSW Public works, Radtel, AET and finally Geotech. This posed significant issues in organizing dates and times with everyone present to be able to witness a final commission.

Affinity Electrical Technologies were proud to partner with Geotech, NSW Water and NSW public works to be participants of this project in securing the water source for the current and future generations of Yass for years to come.

Photos supplied from http://www.ancold.org.au