ACT Streetlight Maintenance

On 20th June 2017 AET were invited to a tender brief around the ACT Government Street Lighting maintenance. The department responsible for Street Lighting up-keep (TCCS) had been advised by ACTEWAGL that they no longer wanted to maintain the ACT Governments street lighting assets whilst TCCS were going to market for an Energy Performance Contract and this placed TCCS in a difficult position as that tender hadn’t been let at the time.

12 days later on July 1st AET were engaged directly by TCCS at the completion of ACTEWAGL’s long term contract. AET were one of 2 providers that took on these works at short notice with AET providing the maintenance services on the Northside and Ecowise Services looking after the Street Light assets on the Southside. AET were also engaged to be the sole provider of the Emergency On-Call Services for the whole of Canberra.

ACTEWAGL had been providing these to the Territory since Canberra was formed and the day that they handed back their contract over 20 staff were brought back in house into their distribution business meaning literally hundreds of years of in-house built up intellectual property left the ACT street lighting maintenance.

AET were quick to mobilise and ensure we had the necessary resources and plant to provide the highest quality service to TCCS. After 3 months, TCCS made the decision to engage AET as the sole provider of all the maintenance services including on-call for the whole of ACT. This was a clear sign to AET that we were exceeding the performance quality and safety expectations of TCCS while offering a value for money service. It also meant that our competitor in this works wasn’t, as they placed profit over longevity.

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During this period when we were directly engaged by TCCS, the ACT Government was running and completing its assessment of the ACT Smart City Street Lighting Project & Energy Performance Contract. AET had partnered with Electrix to be their local participation partner during the detailed facility service (DFS) if they were to be successful in this tender. Electrix were successful and AET was able to roll on providing Streetlight Maintenance activities for the ACT Government once the Electrix contract began in May 2018.