International Flags lighting upgrade

The International Flag Display in Canberra’s Parliamentary Zone colourfully acknowledges those countries with a diplomatic mission in the national capital. The current 100 flags are dedicated to the United Nations.

The flags fly from two offset rows of flagpoles (54 flags on the western side and 46 on the eastern side) along the promenade between the High Court and the National Library on the southern shore of Lake Burley Griffin. The flags are flown continuously, 24 hours a day and lit at night, casting a vivid reflection on the lake. Each flagpole has a plaque at its base identifying the nation whose flag is flying from that pole. The required protocol for flying national flags at night is to individually illuminate each flag at the display with inground up lights.

AET was engaged to remove and replace the existing International Flag display lighting, including the rewiring of all the light fittings. The work included an extension of an additional seven poles to the east as well as a lighting upgrade for the entire display. A project specific design solution needed to be engineered to cater for the risk of moisture penetrating the conduit pathways and eventually trying to penetrate into the light fitting, causing condensation. The solution chosen by AET will limit luminaire corrosion due to moisture.